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The first step to creating your website is clarity. You know that you need a website, but do you know why? So often we hear that "I made a goal to have a website." What if I told you that a website isn't a goal? A website is a tool you can use to reach your goals, in fact, it's an entire workshop of tools! We are here to coach you on what tools will best help you meet your goals and how to apply them properly.

Step 1 - Evaluate Your Goals and Vision 
How can you know what you want without knowing everything that technology has to offer? So many developers give their clients what they want without truly exploring that they need. This is exactly why the majority of websites are expenses and burdens versus assets. We are taking a different approach. Our interview process will explore your goals and vision for your online presence and ensure that you truly get what you need. 

Step 2 - Strategy Before Design
Every website comes with a strategy consultation. We couldn't design an effective website without one. We know that creating great websites that produce real and measurable results will build a strong community of satisfied clients. Now that we have a clear picture of your vision, we will explore the tools that we can use to make that vision a reality. We give you more than a website, we give you a strategy for online success.

Step 3 - Design with a Plan
The truth is that most websites don't make money, and that's because their design & strategy don't extend past the launch of their website.

Do you know someone who has shown you their brand new flashy website, but then you never visited it again, and then their website ends up sitting unused and unchanged for months or years before eventually becoming outdated?

We design with your long term strategy and goals in mind. Design isn't just what picture goes where or what pages we are going to build. Our design includes a strategy for future content and growth.

Step 4 - Publishing Your Site is the Beginning
The day your website goes live is the start of the journey, not the end. Websites were meant to make money, and every website we create has the tools to be an online business. This is where we will implement the strategy we've created to start producing results that help you work towards your goals. A tool does no good sitting on the shelf. This is where we put the tool to action.

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